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The Best Roulette Strategies for High Rollers

Roulette is a game well suited to high rollers as it allows you to bet a vast amount with each spin. There are many different roulette betting strategies and some of them are particularly well suited to high rollers. In this guide, we will explore a few of these and you can then hopefully use them to increase your success at the wheel at Regentplay casino.

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is probably the most famous of all betting systems. For regular players, one of the problems with the system is that the bet sizes can become very big very quickly. However, this means that it is a system that is ideal for high rollers. Furthermore, it is a low risk strategy, so you can bet vast amounts while reducing the risk of losing all your money.

The Martingale is a negative betting system. It requires you to bet the same amount after a win and then double your bet after a loss. When you eventually win, you return to your starting bet.

For example, imagine you start with a €5 bet on reds and win, then you would bet the same again on the next spin (remember, you can switch to any even money bet). However, if you had lost, then you would increase your bet to €10 for the next spin, and if you lost again then you would increase it to €20, and so on. When you do win, you will recoup all of your losses, and you return to the bet of €5.

As mentioned, the bets with the martingale system can become very big. If you start with a €5 bet and then lose on 10 spins in a row, you would be betting €2,560 per spin. This makes it a system that is best used by high rollers. However, there is one factor you have to be aware of; you don’t want to hit the table’s maximum bet. In fact, casinos impose a maximum bet precisely to ensure that people can’t use the system indefinitely, as that way they would never make a profit.

The 150 System

This system takes its name from the amount that you will need to bet on each spin, which already marks it out as a good strategy for high rollers. It requires you to place a fixed set of bets on each spin:

  • €50 on the first dozen/column
  • €50 on the second dozen/column
  • €5 on any 10 of the 12 numbers not yet bet on

This system ensures that you will have covered the entire roulette wheel with the exception of three numbers, the 0 and two numbers from the final dozen. If the spin produces a number from the first or second dozen then you will have won €150, so you break even. If you win a straight up bet, then you are paid €180 and make a profit of €30.

You can of course change around which of the dozens you bet on. There is no reason you can’t bet on the first and third and pick your numbers from the second, or bet on the second and third and pick your numbers from the first. When using this strategy the vast majority of spins will result in you breaking even. However, you will make the occasional profit, and of course, you will also lose from time to time.

The Labouchere System

This is a negative progression betting system, just like the Martingale, but it works in a slightly different way. The aim of the system is to make back losses, but not to attempt to do it in one spin. Rather, it tries to do so through a series of smaller wins. It is another system that works best with even money bets.

You first start by setting a target amount to win, for example €1000. You then need to split that number up into a sequence of smaller figures, which will determine your betting progression. For example, 100-200-100-100-100-200-100-50-50.

To start the betting sequence, you need to bet the sum of the leftmost and rightmost numbers, i.e. €150. If you win the bet, you then cross out those two numbers from your series and move on to the new leftmost and rightmost numbers. However, if you lose your bet, instead of crossing out the numbers, you add them together and add it to the end of the sequence. In the above example, the sequence would become 100-200-100-100-100-200-100-50-50-150. Once you have successfully crossed all the numbers off the sequence, then you will have won the target amount.

This is a nice strategy as it is very flexible. It is entirely up to you how you divide the target amount. If you hit a losing streak it can result in some very big bets. However, if this worries you then you can simply include some 0s in the initial sequence.

The James Bond System

The James Bond System is a flat betting system, which means that you bet the same amount on every spin. Similar to the 150 system, there are three bets you should place on each spin:

  • €14 on 19 – 36
  • €5 on the 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 18 line bet
  • €1 on 0

This means that your total bet for each spin will be €20.

The three bets cover 25 numbers and leave twelve that you may lose on. This means that there are just four possible outcomes from each spin:

  • The ball lands on any number between 19 and 36 and you make a profit of €8
  • The ball lands on 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18 and you make a profit of €10
  • The ball lands on 0 and you make a profit of €16
  • The ball lands on 1 – 12 and you lose €20

You can even adapt this system and make it into a progressive system. This will raise the risk factor and possibly make it more exciting.

The D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert betting system is another that is considered relatively low risk. It is another system that requires you to increase your bet after a loss, but the rate of increase is not very fast. The system is best used with even money bets.

First, you need to choose a starting bet. Then you will increase the bet by 1 after a loss and decrease it by 1 after a win. After playing for a while, you will have made a profit when you have the same number of wins and losses. Here is a simple example starting with a bet of €5:

  • Bet €5 and lose
  • Bet €6 and lose
  • Bet €7 and win
  • Bet €6 and lose
  • Bet €7 and win
  • Bet €6 and win
  • Bet €5 and lose
  • Bet €6 and win

If you take 0 as your starting winnings, the math for this sequence looks like this: 0 – 5 – 6 + 7 – 6 + 7 + 6 – 5 + 6 = 4.

The example contained four losses and four wins and you end with a profit of €4. If you carefully follow the system, then you will always end up with a profit as long as you the same number of winning and losing spins. This is why it is considered a relatively low risk strategy. The one drawback is that it does not offer the chance of big wins, but it will allow you to play for a long time without running out of money.


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