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The Best Roulette Games for High Rollers

Roulette is a game loved across the world and very often, it attracts some of the biggest betting action on the casino floor. This is also true when playing online and here at Regent Play we have a number of excellent Roulette games for you to discover. Most of our games are designed for low and high rollers alike, and have very wide betting ranges to facilitate this. However, there are a few Roulette games that are particularly well suited to high rollers, so if you want to place big bets on the spinning wheel, check out the games below.

Salon Privé Roulette

If you enjoy live dealer gaming and want the ultimate VIP high roller experience, then Salon Privé Roulette is the game for you.

The Salon Privé games give you the chance to play Roulette one on one with a professional croupier. The games can be played from desktop and mobile devices, and they have a betting range of €100 up to €10,000, so you can truly place some enormous bets. You will have an enormous amount of control when playing the game. It is up to you to set the pace, so you can carefully consider your bets between each round. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the croupier then you may request a new one at any time. Furthermore, there will be a VIP room manager present at all times to deal with any special requests or assist you if any problems arise. Quite simply, you will not find service that is more attentive anywhere.

The game itself is a standard game of European Roulette, meaning it is played with a singe 0 wheel. You will find all of the features you could possibly need for an enjoyable experience. For instance, in addition to a racetrack betting area, there are shortcuts for placing neighbours bets and you can adjust how many numbers the bet covers. The game will allow you to save your favourite bets, so that you do not have to spend a long time repositioning chips between each round. Furthermore, those who are interested in statistics will find a huge amount of information, both about what percentage of the wheel is covered and about results from previous rounds.

If you want to place big bets on the Roulette wheel while enjoying the true VIP treatment, then head straight for Salon Privé Roulette today to experience the game like never before.

Immersive Roulette

While the Salon Privé Roulette games are certainly a special experience, they are not for everyone. To begin with, while playing one on one with a croupier is certainly a special experience, many players prefer the social atmosphere of the regular tables that are buzzing with the energy of multiple players.

If that is the case, then we have many more Live Roulette games that you should consider at Regent Play. Immerse Roulette may not have as wide a betting range as some of our other games, but it offers a unique experience and still allows you to place bets of up to €2000. What makes this game special is that it gets you closer to the action than ever before (without actually visiting a land casino) and will truly give you the feel of sitting at a real Roulette table.

This is possible thanks to the multiple camera angles and high definition video streams. It features Hollywood-style camera work that can’t help but grab your attention and suck you into the excitement. As the croupier spins the wheel, you can follow every movement of the ball in 200 frames per second high definition video, and then enjoy slow motion replays of the winning number as the ball comes to rest.

You will of course be able to enjoy all of the other features needed for a high quality Roulette experience, such as the racetrack betting area, shortcuts for neighbours, final and complete bets, the ability to save favourite bets, and of course, live chat that allows you to talk to your fellow players and the croupier. If you are looking for a truly engaging Roulette game that allows you to bet big while chatting to other players, then Immersive Roulette is probably the perfect solution.

Lightning Roulette

If you are a high roller, then it means you like to bet big with the chance of winning big. As a Roulette player, you will know that the largest payout offered by the game is 35:1, for a successful straight up bet. While this is not exactly small, it is far lower than the payouts offered by some other games, such as slots.

If you are looking for a way to give your potential Roulette winnings a serious boost, then Lightning Roulette is the perfect solution. To begin with, the game accepts bets of up to €10,000, so it is certainly suitable for high rollers. However, what makes the game special is that with each round, between one and five Lucky Numbers are hit by lightning and assigned payout multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or 500x. If the ball then lands on a Lucky Number and you have placed a Straight Up bet on it, then you will win your bet multiplied by the multiplier.

This means that instead of a top payout of 35 times your straight up bet, you could theoretically win a payout of 500 times your bet. If you are lucky enough to have placed a large straight up bet that becomes a lucky number and then win, it is a guaranteed huge payouts.

The game offers all of the other features a serious Roulette player may need, as do all of our live dealer games, making it the perfect choice for high roller players looking for a way to make the game even more exciting.

Real Roulette Series

Don’t worry if live dealer games are not your thing, we have plenty of RNG versions of Roulette that high rollers are sure to love.

If you want to try something a little bit different, then we suggest your check out the Real Roulette series of games. These games are entirely controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG), but they use real footage of croupiers and the Roulette wheel to add some realism to the experience and bring the game to life. There are a number of games in the series, giving you a choice of dealer, but they all work in the same way. There is even an ‘auto’ version of the game, which simply uses footage of a real Roulette wheel but dispenses with the croupier.

The games offers all the features you could possibly need and the betting limits are high enough to appeal to high rollers. Theoretically, you could bet €54,500 on one spin of the wheel if you place a complete bet using the table maximum bets, which should be enough to satisfy even the highest of rollers.

In regards to other features, the game has a regular betting area and a racetrack betting area, where you will find shortcuts for placing Les Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre and Les Voisins Du Zero bets. There is also a statistics view where you can see a breakdown of the last 100 spins by number and bet type.

The game also has a number of settings that you can use to adjust it to your taste, such as turning on slow motion replays or turning the sound effects on or off. If you want to bet big on an RNG Roulette game, then the Real Roulette series are the perfect choice.

Vertical Roulette VIP

If you are looking to play Roulette on your mobile device then Vertical Roulette VIP is the perfect choice. The game has been specially designed for playing it in portrait mode on smartphones, making it a very comfortable experience. You can even adjust the game depending on whether you are left or right handed.

The game does not have betting limits as high as some other versions, but you can still bet a few hundred on each round, so it will help to pass the time while you are on the go. Furthermore, it offers all the features you could need including a regular and racetrack betting area, shortcuts to double your bet quickly, and shortcuts to place a number of popular betting patterns, such as red/black split. After clicking on spin, you can enjoy a realistic animation of the ball going around the wheel and coming to a stop,

You can of course enjoy any of our other Roulette games on your mobile device; however, this is the only one designed to be played in portrait mode. As such, it is the perfect game for playing while on the move when you only have one hand free.

More Games to Discover

At Regent Play, you will discover a number of additional Roulette games that are suitable for high rollers. For instance, in the live casino there are VIP Roulette tables that accept bets of up to €5000. Take the time to explore those discussed above and at the same time, you can see what else we have to offer. You are sure to find the perfect game for your style.

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