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How to Become a Casino VIP High Roller

Whether you are playing at an online or land casino, there are many advantages to being a recognised as a VIP high roller. You will be offered all kinds of bonuses and comps, which can make playing an even more enjoyable experience. In this guide, we will talk a little about how to achieve this status, no matter what type of casino you are playing in.

Becoming a VIP at a Land Casino

Land casinos, particularly the bigger ones in places such as Las Vegas, are able to offer their VIP players a huge number of freebies, or comps. For instance, they could offer you free meals, an upgraded room, tickets to a special event, or even free flights for your return visit.

Casinos want to reward big spenders as they wish to turn them into loyal players who keep coming back. If you go to a casino and immediately start betting big, then it is highly likely that they will take note and soon offer you some kind of reward. However, there are a number of things that you can do to speed up the process and try to get even more out of the casino.

In land casinos, where things may not be tracked in quite the same way as online, perception is everything. Therefore, many consider your first and last bets of the session to be the most experience. This means that when you sit down at a table, you want to start with as large a bet as you can afford and you want to be sure that the pit boss is aware of it. They will establish your rating based upon that bet, and you want it to be a high rating. In fact, before even placing a bet, you could buy more chips than you intend to bet. This suggests to the casino that you will spend more than you will. Then at the end of your gambling session, make sure you have something in reserve so you can bet big. The dealers and bosses will only be looking at a few hands to gauge your average bet size.

Understanding Land Casino Comps

After establishing your credentials as a big spender, you then need to be aware of the different types of comps that a casino may offer you and how you can make the most of them. Broadly speaking there are two types of comps, hard comp and soft comps. Hard comps are the ones that tend to cost casinos more money, such as free flights, shopping vouchers, and tickets to events. Soft comps are those that are far cheaper for casinos, such as free rooms, free meals, free entry to nightclubs, and so on.

Obviously, casinos are more likely to give away the soft comps than the hard comps. However, they are still worth pursuing and can be very easy to obtain. For example, you could sit at a Blackjack table and play with basic strategy, ensuring that you do not lose too much, and then enjoy a number of freebies, such as a meal in the evening or a better room to sleep in.

If you become known as a serious player, then you may even be able to enjoy trips to casinos without having to risk any money. This is thanks to something called free-rolls, invitation only events in which you take part in tournaments (be it blackjack, poker, or any other game), competing against other players and having the chance to win real money. The invitations often come with free accommodation, and if you play with good tournament strategy (which will take a bit of time and effort to learn), then there is a real chance of leaving with money in your pocket.

Another excellent type of comp to be aware of is rebates. This is the same as cashback offered by many online casinos. Essentially the casino will reimburse you a percentage of your losses. For example, the casino may offer you a 10% rebate of losses up to $100,000. This means that if you were to lose $100,000, then you would only give the casino $90,000, as you would receive $10,000 back as a rebate.

There are then further ways of taking advantage of this. Usually, the rebate period runs for 24 hours. This means that you may go in, lose $100,000, receive $10,000 and then leave. You could then come back the next day and win $100,000. You may then be paid by check, go to another casino, cash the check and then take advantage of that casino’s rebate deal.

Of course, this means that you need to pick casinos where your level of betting is appreciated. If you lose $5,000 at a casino off the Las Vegas Strip then you are likely to catch the casino’s attention; however, if you were to lose that much in one of the Strip’s biggest casinos, then they are unlikely to notice.

Another way to enhance your treatment is to put your entire bankroll on deposit. Then the casino knows how much they may make. Ultimately, getting comps at land casinos is all about perception. While the casino will track your long-term play through your player’s card, in the short term, you can try to receive some soft comps just by making the right impression.

Becoming a VIP at an Online Casino

The benefits of being recognised as a VIP player online are often very different to at a land casino (although, not always). Furthermore, the method of becoming recognised as a VIP is entirely different. This is because online casinos will be monitoring your overall account activity; it is not a matter of impressing one pit boss.

You need to ensure that you are depositing large amounts of cash and playing a lot of games. The more frequently you deposit and play, the better the chances are of the casino noticing you. Making one huge deposit will not make you a VIP. You need to show consistency, and most often, climb through the ranks of a loyalty scheme. When looking at a casino loyalty scheme, you will often see that there is a minimum amount you need to bet each month to remain a VIP player, but as long as you do then it is likely that the casino will contact you about VIP benefits. If the casino doesn’t, then you can always contact customer support to ask about your eligibility.

Understanding Online Casino VIP Benefits

The benefits offered to high rollers by online casinos are hugely varied and it is common for them to be tailored to the individual to ensure that they are attractive. However, very often, VIP players will find that they are invited to take part in special tournaments with large prizes. These tournaments will often only be open to VIP players, making them truly exclusive and competitive.

Casinos will also offer their VIP players bigger and better bonuses. For example, there may be deposit bonuses with much higher upper limits and wagering requirements that are more favourable. VIP players will also sometimes be offered exclusive bonuses that are not available to other players, as well as benefits such as free spins or free chips.

What is certain is that VIP players can be sure of receiving enhanced customer service. As a VIP player, if you do have any queries, you can be sure that the casino will do everything it can to get back to you as quickly as possible and to resolve any issues that you may have. Many casinos will also assign you a personal account manager. This is a person whose sole job it is, is to make sure that you are having as good a time at the casino as possible. This means that they are on call to help you with any problems that may arise as well as to see if there is anything that the casino can do to improve your experience, such as by offering you bonuses customised to your style of play. 

As an online VIP player, there is also a real chance that you will be offered free gifts. Some of these may be at the casino, for instance, free spins that do not have any wagering requirements. However, occasionally these gifts may be physical things. For example, some casinos may offer gadgets, such as smartphones, shopping vouchers, holiday vouchers, or even trips organised by the casino itself.

You will find that there are many more benefits to being a VIP player. For instance, your withdrawals will suddenly be much faster and the withdrawal limit is likely to be much higher. You may also be offered benefits such as monthly cashback, birthday presents, better comp point conversion rates, and so on.

Casinos love players who consistently bet big and they really will go out of their way to reward you. Whether you are playing online or offline, it is always worth exploring what comps and other benefits are on offer, and if you feel that you are not receiving what you are owed, then simply contact customer support and they are sure to do their best to accommodate you.


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