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Online Casino Games That Give You the Best Chance of Winning

Online gambling is all about fun, and there are thousands of games available that can provide you with hours of entertainment. However, a large part of the fun comes from the possibility of hitting a big win, which is probably every gamblers’ dream. The good news is that some types of online casino games give you a better chance of winning than others do, and while nothing can ever be guaranteed, the correct choice of game can make a big difference. If you want to know which games you should be playing to give yourself the best chance of winning, then read on.


There is a reason why Blackjack is the most popular casino card game in the world and that is that under certain circumstances, it has an incredibly low house edge. There are many variants of Blackjack with subtle changes to the rules, and with the right set of rules the house edge can be less than 0.50%.

However, this means that you need to make sure you fully understand the rule changes and their effect on the house edge. Unfavourable rules can result in a house edge of 2% or higher. Luckily, you will find many online versions of the game with a highly favourable house edge.

At the most basic level, you should be looking for games that offer payouts of 3:2 for blackjack and are played with a single deck of cards. At the other end of the spectrum are games that offer payouts of 6:5 for blackjack and use eight decks of cards; however, these games tend only to be found at land casinos.

Beyond the payout for blackjack and the number of decks used, there are a number of other rules that you should be aware of that will change the house edge:

  • Double Down – Some games have restrictions on which hand totals you can double down on. Being able to double down on any hand reduces the house edge by 0.25% compared to games that only allow it on hands of 9, 10 or 11.
  • Dealer’s Rules with Soft 17 – If the dealer stands on a soft 17 then it reduces the house edge by 0.2% compared to games in which they hit.
  • Double down after a Split – Being able to double down after a split reduces the house edge by 0.17%.
  • Re-split Aces – Being allowed to re-split a pair of aces reduces the house edge by 0.08%.
  • Late surrender – Games that offer late surrender have a house edge that is lowered by 0.07%.

When exploring the various versions of blackjack on offer at Regent Play, you can find information about the games’ rules, RTPs and house edge in the help sections. For example, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack has a house edge of just 0.31%. Take the time to explore all of our different versions of the game and we are sure you will find many that you find attractive.

Video Poker

Video Poker is another game that can have a very low house edge. For example, 9/6 Jacks or Better has an RTP of 99.54%, which is a house edge of just 0.46%.

You can find several versions of video poker to play online and some of them have house edges that are even smaller. It is a matter of researching each game carefully to find its RTP and then using the best possible strategy to capitalise on it. Some versions of video poker even have a negative house edge, or a positive player edge, and these are always worth looking for.

It is vital to remember that strategy is key; if you are playing with the wrong strategy then you will lose most of the advantage that you gain with a low house edge. Unfortunately, video poker strategy is fairly complicated, far more so than Blackjack, and it does require practise. However, it isn’t hard to find the games available in demo versions to that you can practise until you feel you have mastered it. It is even possible to purchase training books and software that will help you understand the nuances of strategy and become the best possible player.

The key to success is going to be practise, but if it allows you to play games with tiny house edges, then there is little doubt that it is worth the effort. You can never completely overcome a house edge, but you can certainly do a lot of maximise your winnings.


People don’t often think of slots as games that give you a good chance of winning. They are games of pure luck and there is no strategy involved. However, if you know how to choose your slots carefully, then you will find that some of them have very low house edges.

When choosing a slot the first thing you should look at is the RTP. While most online slots have an RTP of around 95-97%, you will occasionally find games with RTPs of 99% or higher. It is true that this is significantly lower than blackjack and video poker, but if you enjoy playing slots, these are the games that will give you the best chance of winning.

Something that you always need to be aware of with slots is that they have a very fast rate of play, which can lead to bigger losses. For example, imagine you choose a slot with an RTP of 98%. You could conceivably play as many as 600 spins per hour. If you were betting €1 per spin, then this would amount to a theoretical loss of €12 per hour. Compare this to a game of European Roulette, which has a house edge of 2.70%. It is a slower game, so you may manage just 200 rounds per hour, betting €1 per spin. This equates to a theoretical loss of €5.40 per hour.

Be sure to remember that the above figures are theoretical. You could easily lose far more than this. In order to avoid this, try to slow down your rate of play. Playing slowly on a slot with a high RTP will give you the best possible chance of winning.


For many years, Baccarat was a game that was exclusively played by high rollers who would bet vast amounts per hand. Many games had a minimum bet of €50 or above. However, today the game is available to all styles of player and there are many versions of the game available that will take very small minimum bets.

If you are looking for a game that gives you a good chance of winning without the need to master complicated strategies, then Baccarat is an excellent choice. When played with the right strategy, Baccarat has a house edge of just 1.06%. Even better, the strategy is incredibly easy to learn.

All you have to do is only bet on the Banker position. Betting on the player has a house edge of 1.24% and the Tie bet has a huge house edge of 14.36%. It may sounds bit boring to only bet on the Banker, but you can always make the game a bit more interesting by making careful use of side bets. Furthermore, just because you are placing the same bet over and over again, it doesn’t detract from the thrill you get as the cards are revealed.

French Roulette

If you enjoy roulette and you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, then the only version that you should be playing is French Roulette. This is due to the La Partage rule, which helps to bring the house edge down.

The La Partage rule states that if you have placed an even money bet and the ball lands on zero, then you receive half of your bet back. This, combined with the roulette wheel that has just the single 0 segment, results in a house edge of just 1.35%. By contrast, European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70% and American Roulette has a much higher house edge of 5.26%.

However, to make the most of this house edge, you can only use even money bets. Luckily, there are many of them (reds, black, odds, even, high, low), so the game will not become monotonous.


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