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Find the Hidden Win Playing Scratch Cards

If you have ever picked up a scratch card in your local newsagent, then you know just how much fun they can be. All they require is for you to uncover the hidden symbols, but if you find the right ones, then you could be in for a massive payout. Here at Regent Play, you can enjoy a huge range of scratch cards, each of which gives you the chance to win big.

Online scratch cards work in exactly the same way as the ones you buy in shops. However, you will find a far greater range of them to play online. We have no physical constraints on space, and this allows us to bring you a huge collection. Similar to online slots, the cards have a wide range of themes, such as history, sports, nature, travel, science fiction, music, fantasy, and so on. The cards often feature fun animations and sound effects that bring these themes to life, making them even more enjoyable to play. Furthermore, a few of our scratch cards go beyond the basic scratch and win principle. Some have fun bonus features that take the themes further and give you the chance to hit additional payouts.

Together with our collection of scratch cards, you will find a range of instant win and arcade games, which are also built upon the principle of simple fun. All of the games in this part of the casino are the perfect way to relax while having the chance to win big so take some time to explore the collection, and we are sure that you will find loads of games that appeal in no time at all.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do scratch cards offer any special features?

Absolutely. There are two types of special features found in Scratch Cards, those that are designed to make the game play smoother and those that form a part of the game. In the first category, you will find things such as Auto Play, which allows you to purchase a set number of cards and then sit back and watch the action. Similarly, the games feature buttons such as “Reveal All”, which simply uncovers all of the symbols at once so that you do not have to click on each one individually. The second category of special features is much harder to define, as it is impossible to predict what bonus features you may find in any particular game. Some cards may offer special features such as multiplier symbols that significantly increase the payouts. Others may have separate bonus games that give you the chance to win separate prizes or even a jackpot. There are a huge number of games on offer here and almost as many different types of bonus feature. As you explore the games, you are sure to find many exciting features, and with a bit of luck, hit some huge wins.

How does a scratch card game work?

This will depend upon the exact game that you play, but in general, there are a few simple steps. The first thing you need to do is buy the card. Normally you can set how much you want to spend on a card. Then, you will need to uncover the hidden symbols. You can choose to do this one at a time or click a button to reveal them all at once. The game will then let you know if you have won anything, and you can then start again.

How do scratch card payouts work?

Most scratch cards will offer a range of payouts that are multiples of the amount you paid for the card. For instance, the smallest payout may be 1 times the bet, which means that you would break even, and the biggest payout might be 10,000 times the bet, which means that you have made a huge profit. The exact payouts will vary from card to card, as will the conditions that need to be met in order to win. However, the general idea is that if you find the right symbols, then you will win a multiple of your bet.

Do scratch cards have an RTP?

Yes, like every game at a legal online casino, Scratch Cards will have a published RTP. An RTP (Return to Player), is the theoretical percentage of money bet on a card that is returned to players over time. For example, if a game has an RTP of 98% it means that for every £100 bet on the game, £98 will be returned to players. However, it is very important that you remember that this is theoretical and that it is calculated over a vast number of game rounds. This means that there is no guarantee that the money will be returned to you. Unfortunately, there is every chance that you could hit a losing streak and then the next person to play could hit a big win, but that is the nature of gambling.

Why are instant games included with scratch cards?

While the two are not strictly speaking the same type of game, the concepts behind them are actually very similar. The idea of scratch cards and instant games is that they should be very simple, very quick, a lot of fun, and give players the chance of hitting some big wins. Therefore, while instant games do not require you to reveal hidden symbols, they complement scratch cards very well. Furthermore, the chances are that if you enjoy playing scratch cards, then there are a number of instant games that you will also enjoy, and the reverse of this is also true. Therefore, be sure to spend some time looking at the entire collection, as you may find some pleasant surprises.

Is there a big difference between the different scratch cards?

This is a difficult question to answer as it could be both no and yes. In many ways, all scratch cards are the same. Just uncover the symbols, find the right ones, and you have won. However, the same could be said for online slot machines, just spin the reels to see if you have won, yet there are thousands of them. The real difference lies in the games’ themes and not all players will enjoy the same themes. That is why we do our best to offer as many as possible. While it may take you a little while to look through them all, if you take the time then you are bound to find a few that appeal to you, and they will then be able to provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Are there any scratch card strategies I should know?

Not really. Scratch cards are pure games of chance and luck and there is absolutely no skill involved in them. This means that nothing you do will change your chances of winning. This means that the only strategy you need to worry about is bankroll management, and this is true regardless of what game you are playing. Set yourself a budget and stick to it no matter what. If you know that you want to play for a long time, then make sure that you are betting small enough amounts to allow you to play enough cards. Of course, the more cards you play the better your chances of hitting a payout, but as with all forms of gambling, there are no guarantees.

Is there a difference between online and physical scratch cards?

Yes and no. The principle of the games is the same and both offer the chance of huge winnings, but there are some differences. For instance, online scratch cards are much easier to play. You don’t need to go out to the shops to buy them. In fact, you can play them whenever you desire as long as you have a smartphone with an internet connection. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to hit a win, then collecting your winnings is hassle free. You can just withdraw the money from your casino account; you don’t need to claim it in a shop. Furthermore, you will find a far greater variety of scratch cards here at Regent Play than you will in the average shop, so you will have more choice, and hopefully, a lot more fun.