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Uncover the Scratch Card Symbols for Instant Wins

Scratch Cards provide players with the perfect way to have some relaxing fun while still offering the chance of big wins. At Regent Play, we are proud to offer our members a huge collection of scratch cards to choose from, with an exciting range of themes and features that truly bring them to life on the screen.

There is nothing complicated about scratch cards. If you have ever bought a physical scratch card then you will know exactly how they work. You simply need to uncover the hidden symbols, and if you find the right ones, then you have won. However, when playing online you do not need to worry about finding a coin to scratch with or use your fingernails. Just click on the symbols, and reveal your wins.

Our scratch cards come in many different shapes and sizes and there is a great diversity of themes for you to enjoy. Some cards will transport you back in time to ancient civilisations, others may have a sporting theme, or be based upon travel, festive periods such as Christmas, music, fantasy, adventure, casino games, and much more. Regardless of which theme you choose, it will be brought to life on your screen with fun graphics and animations, which make the games a true joy to play. Furthermore, many of the games also give you the chance to win more through exciting bonus features.

Frequently Asked Questions
How exactly do I play a scratch card?

It really is very simple. The first thing you have to do is purchase the card. In some games, the price will be fixed and in others, you will have a range of prices available. The price is important as the prizes on offer will most likely be multiples of it (e.g. there may be a top prize of 10,000 times the price of the card). After purchasing the card, all you need to do is click on the hidden symbols to reveal them. If enough match, then you have won.

How do I know if I’ve won when playing a scratch card?

This will differ slightly depending on the exact game that you are playing. In some games, you will be asked to reveal a number of symbols and if enough of them match, then you win. For example, if you find three star symbols. In these games, different symbols are usually worth different size payouts and you can see details in the game’s paytable. In other games, there may be a main symbol and you have to try to find just one that matches it to see if you have won. Regardless of the game you choose, it will always be abundantly clear if you have won and the game will notify you.

Is it not tiresome to reveal symbols continually?

Of course not! First of all, there is no reason why you should have to reveal each symbol individually. Many games have a “Reveal All” button, and by clicking on it (or tapping, if you are playing on a mobile device), it will reveal all of the symbols simultaneously. Even if you choose not to use this button, all you have to do is click once on each symbol. Furthermore, you will find that many of our games have auto play functionality. This way, you can set how many cards you want to play, click on a button, and then watch as they are all played. In other words, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the wins to arrive.

Do scratch cards offer any bonus features?

Absolutely. The bonus features can come in many different forms. For example, there may be special symbols that multiply your payouts or offer you a free game. Other scratch cards may offer entirely separate bonus games. These not only enhance the theme, but also give you the chance to win even bigger payouts and very often, if you trigger a bonus game then you are guaranteed a prize. There is a huge collection of scratch cards here at Regent Play and many different types of bonus features. The best idea is to try a few scratch cards that appeal to you and see what they offer.

What is the probability of winning on a scratch card?

Like every game on offer at Regent Club, scratch cards are a form of gambling and this means that you can never be sure of winnings. However, all games have what is called a theoretical Return to Play. This is the percentage of the money that is bet on a game that is returned to players over time. For example, a game that has an RTP of 95% will return €95 of every €100 bet. However, there are no time constraints on this, so you can’t be sure that you will receive 95% of your money back. Ultimately, you can never be sure of winning when playing any casino game, so be sure to manage your bankroll carefully and keep things fun at all times.

What is the difference between scratch cards and instant games?

These two types of games actually share many similarities, which is why they are on the same section of the website. Both are very easy to learn, have no complicated rules, require very small bets, and are very fast paced. This means that they can provide hours of relaxing fun. The difference lies in how the games are played. Scratch cards are modelled on the physical cards that you can buy in shops; reveal symbols to win prizes. Instant games come in many different forms, but they usually require just one yes/no decision and don’t involve any skill, for example, betting on the toss of a coin.

What does the term ‘lines’ mean in relation to scratch cards?

Some scratch cards give you multiple chances to win in each round and each chance is referred to as a line. When you purchase the card, you will be purchasing lines and each one gives you the chance of hitting a prize and essentially behaves as a game in its own right.

If all scratch cards work in the same way, then why are there so many of them?

Ultimately, online scratch cards are here for your enjoyment and entertainment. Each player has his or her own tastes, and we want to make sure that we cater to as many of them as possible. For instance, one person might be a sports fanatic, so when revealing symbols they may enjoy seeing football related graphics and imagery. Another player may love nature and they may enjoy scratch cards that feature flowers, animals and other wildlife. Furthermore, not all scratch cards offer the same payout structure, so it is important that players find ones that suit them. There is no denying that the games are very similar, but our players are not, so we provide a huge amount of choice to ensure that everyone can have fun.

What are the advantages to playing online scratch cards?

To start with, they are always accessible, you do not need to leave the house to go and buy physical cards. Furthermore, they give you instant results; there is no waiting around to see if you have won. Finally, the games require absolutely no skill, which not only means that you can play them stress free, but it also means that everyone has exactly the same chance of winning.

Is it really possible to win big playing online scratch cards?

Without a doubt! Many of our scratch cards offer enormous top prizes, some as big as 30,000 times the cost of the card or even more. This means that even if you are betting a very small amount, you still have the chance to win a truly significant sum of money. Of course, you won’t hit the jackpot every time, but there is also no reason why you shouldn’t be the one to do so.

Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of winning?

Unfortunately not. Scratch cards are truly random games and require no skill whatsoever. Every person has exactly the same chance of winning on every single scratch card. All you can do is ensure that you are managing your bankroll properly so that you can keep playing for long enough. For example, if you have €50 and want to play 100 games, then never bet more than €0.50 per scratch card. Not only does this mean that you won’t run out of money, but it will allow you to play more cards, which does of course give you more opportunities to win.

Does the collection of scratch cards ever change?

Of course it does! We are continually working to bring our members more games, more choices, and more fun. This means that we launch new games on a regular basis. Be sure to check back here often as you never know what you might find and what new and exciting features the latest releases may contain.